About us

You can imagine
what light can do
Monos makes it
become true

Our experience in lighting, lighting fittings and electrical systems goes as far back as 1930. Our lighting range gives you up-to-date design and lighting fittings that can be used with almost all modern conventional light sources and LEDs. Monos supplies a full range of technical lighting fittings for almost all applications – from office and administrative buildings to industrial premises and shops.

Our lighting fittings undergo photometric testing and meet exacting European safety standards.

We have been developing LED lighting fittings for more than 8 years. With nearly 15,000 products, our LED lighting range is one of the largest in Europe. We only use branded LEDs and LED drivers that meet high quality standards in our lighting fittings. Many of our LED product families are available at 2 different performance levels:

For operating times of more than 45.000 hours/p.year    – 5-year warranty
For operating times of  less than 45.000 hours/p.year    – 3-year warranty

We have our own planning and quotation department and provide support throughout Germany via our field service, as well as sample lighting for your building.

Our lighting fittings are manufactured in Europe and used in more than 1000 buildings every year.